What Is An ITIL Major Incident

Just what Major Incident in ITIL? Do you know the roles and duties? How to prevent common mistakes? How to proceed Following the Resolution?

Let’s start by defining just what Major Incident? Meaning of a major or significant Incident needs to be obvious to each worker operating a support role, so that it needs to be clearly referred to inside a separate document, the “Major Incident Procedure”.

Why is it called a Major Incident? It is almost always based on the impact outage has or might have on customer’s business process. Also, it might be based on priority from the incident or by its emergency.

Why the impact isn’t always the only real element in determining the main incident? For instance, an incident of high-impact could be resolved by Service Desk through an easy resolution procedure, like switch resetting after network lower event, or hooking up a backup provider after internet lower event.

Both good examples are certainly high-impact but we do not have to recruit a lot of greater level people onto it at this time. We have to are thinking about that they’re Priority 1 and they’ve to become resolved As soon as possible. Just in case they’re not able to be resolved by standard procedure, THEN they may be marked Major and handled with appropriate procedure and policy. That’s why most leading Incident Management tools available on the market possess a separate checkbox Major or Hot incident.

It was all theory. Used, to simplify the process making it simpler to Service Desk staff, this is exactly what It’s my job to advise: all priority 1 occurrences are Major Occurrences, when they are not exceptions. Exceptions can be simply defined for particular clients, contracts and incident groups. For instance: Major occurrences are Priority 1 occurrences except check out tickets, that are urgent but could be fixed by specialists, you don’t need to involve for additional important people. Or: all groups except consumer occurrences. Simple.

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